Providing Linux, Unix and Internet solutions. Our clients include some of Silicon Valley's largest firms. Specializing in detail-oriented system administration, application integration, project management, data-telecommunications and information security for local and wide-area networks from 2 to 20,000 hosts.

Linux Systems, Network, and Security Administration.   Linux and BSD servers; Windows, Unix/Linux, OSX, and X11 and clients for over 20 years.

Information Systems Security.   Keep up with developments in information security by starting with good policies, for individual departments (HR and legal for example) and the broader organization. Identify due diligence requirements for financial databases, business to business gateways, VPNs and Internet commerce servers.

Security Software.   We recommend, install, and configure only best-of-breed software by continually evaluating new products.

Internet and Intranet Servers and Gateways.   Our extensive knowledge of TCP/IP routing, debugging, network, transport, and application layers ensures reliable and secure connections to remote offices, subsidiaries, commercial partners and the Internet.

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