Roble Systems' audits provide the information you need to design a secure and stable network. We will also work with your in-house auditors, financial analysts, and QA teams to assure that no stone is left unturned.

Internet Firewall Audit.   For firewalls, web servers, DNS servers, ecommerce systems, email gateways, routers and bastion subnets. Detailed management and engineering reports will red flag vulnerabilities and present options for reconfiguration.

Gateway Audit.   Covering all types of internal and external network gateways including inter-company, inter-division and VPN. By cataloging systems, user requirements and information assets administrators can optimize access lists, performance parameters, fail-over mechanisms, logging, reporting, and alarm facilities.

Remote Access Audit.   Both physical and logical access to internal networks and building facilities are covered. Physical plant components include comm-closets, offices, cubicles, phone jacks, modems, and data cabling. Evaluate and baseline communications, router configurations, authentication and encryption against industry standard and best practices.

Policy and Procedure Review.   Clear policies are the cornerstone of effective security. By defining reasonable, clear and attainable guidelines you can both increase security and make your employee's jobs easier. This audit can cover a wide range of policy areas from system and database administration, contracts and agreements to the broader issues of intellectual property, risk analysis, liability and legal obligations. Create new or refine existing policies and publish them on an internal webserver.

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